Summer Break and Looking Toward Fall

     I want to start the Bass Line with thanks to our accompanists Alice, Angela, Greg, and David for using their gifts Sunday morning.  I love what a little light percussion can do for the right kind of song.  And how about the Sanctuary Choir?  The opening of Holy, Holy, Holy was truly beautiful and you kept the energy level up to the very end.  Thank you all for your faithful, weekly service.

The Sanctuary Choir will be taking a well-deserved break July 9 – 30.  During that time we will have some solos and ensembles presenting some worshipful music.

If you have ever pondered committing to the choir, August 2, will be a great time to try it.  That will be our first rehearsal after the break.  We will begin working on Christmas music shorty afterward at our Christmas Retreat September 15 and 16.

Put Sunday, October 22, 4pm on your calendar.  First Christian Church, Hopkinsville, will be hosting our annual All Disciples Sing.  Preliminary plans are to incorporate our older children’s choir in the mass piece, “Look at the World” by John Rutter.  The Orchestra may also be involved.

Hope you can be there.   Gratefully, Bill


Thank You

Greetings Church Family,

I must begin my article this week by thanking all of you for the prayers, cards, notes, gifts, food, texts, emails, and visits, following my hip replacement procedure on May 15.  Thanks to Wayne and our staff for covering for me while away. I appreciate Jim Pearson broadcasting our service live on Facebook.  I watched, sang, and listened from home.   The recovery is going very well so far.  I hope to be off the cane soon and back to a normal walking gait.  I am very grateful to the Doctors, therapists, and staff at Baptist Health Madisonville for their attention to my needs.  I save the biggest thanks for my wife Angela and my sons for their help at home.  I’ll really be glad (and so will they) when I can put on my left sock and shoe myself.

       Sanctuary Choir Christmas Retreat! – September 15-16.  If you have been contemplating a commitment to sing in our Sanctuary Choir, this is a great time to join.  We will spend Friday night and Saturday morning working, playing, and eating – preparing most of our Christmas season music.

Come have a good time with us!    Gratefully, Bill


Our Impact

      May 3rd!  When I hear this date spoken out loud I immediately think back to the early 1990s when I was minister of music at First Baptist Church, Shepherdsville, KY, just south of Louisville.  It is the birthday of Elaine Swann, a special needs adult child of an alto in the Sanctuary Choir.  Elaine’s dad was an active deacon.  Each night after choir rehearsal, Elaine would make her way over to the organist and together they would pour out their touching rendition of “Silent Night”.  It was common place until the Christmas season rolled around and you heard her singing it on Christmas Eve.  Then it became a tear-jerker.

Elaine died just a few years ago, and up to that point I called her almost every May 3rd, to wish her a happy birthday.  I’ve been fortunate to meet several persons like Elaine over the course of my ministry.  I often wonder what it will be like to meet them in heaven when they are fully restored.  What impact did I have on them?

That leads me to think about ministry in general around the local church like ours.  We have so many things going on – meetings, rehearsals, prayer groups, community events, training, etc.  I realize it gets crazy at times, but, we need to remember that what we do now, that may seem like busy-work, may lead to decisions that have eternal significance.  The text of a song or the care shown by a Sunday School class may turn out to be the spark that starts a fire, or the wind that whips it into a blaze.

So, in our day to day, week to week, or month to month ministries and activities, be aware that your participation, faithfulness, and down-right hard work will probably have spiritual impact on someone, although you may never know it.

Carry on my friends!  Bill


Special Music

     I owe a great deal of thanks to members of our music ministry for all their hard work during Holy Week and Easter Sunday.  First, Sanctuary Choir, thank you so much for your beautiful choral work.  Orchestra, fantastic festive finish and hymn accompaniment Easter!  Sanctuary Bells, the work paid off!  Thank you for your hours of practice and determination.  Handbells is such a unique musical experience, aurally and visually.  Alice, Angela, David, Cindy, Penny, Wayne, and technicians, thank you for your contributions to our mid-day Holy week services.

Coming up May 3, 2017, at 6pm, we will host the group Brass Works from Chattanooga, TN.  This is a regional brass ensemble composed of music ministers and laypersons.  Of special interest to me are two members.  Carroll Wallace, recently retired Christian Church Minister, trombone player, and fellow graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY, will be leading the group.  Carroll and I crossed paths in Seminary.  We both played in Seminary Winds under Douglas Smith, Professor of Instrumental Music.  Dan Hanson serves as one of the trumpet players.  Dan was my minister of music from about the 6th grade though my high school years.  Dan had a great influence on me and my vocational calling.  It will be a thrill for me to be a part of this event May 3.  I ask you to join us in our Sanctuary at 6pm to hear some great sacred music made by some very gifted and talented individuals.  You will not want to miss it!




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