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    Merry Christmas!!!  Yes, it’s been on my mind for a while.  The Sanctuary Choir just had a wonderful weekend Christmas retreat at Mahr Park complete with decorations, music, and food!  We’ve welcomed four new choir members of late: Marianne Forman, Neal Rosner, Donna Vaughan, and Jo Lynn Vincent.   There is still plenty of time between now and Advent if you want to get in on the fun and enjoyment.  No tryouts or auditions, just come.

Other music ministries have resumed regular rehearsals as well.  Children’s Choirs (preschool and elementary), Orchestra, and Handbells.  You may have noticed three timpani or “kettle drums” in the narthex near the restrooms last Sunday.  We have acquired these on “permanent loan” from a friend in the community and are in the process of securing a few small parts from H&H Music in Evansville to make these instruments a part of our Orchestra.  You’ll hear them soon!  Hopefully for the Orchestra’s season debut October 1.

As you have seen for several weeks on the slide show loop, the West Area All Disciples Sing is Sunday, October 22, 4pm, at First Christian Church, Hopkinsville.  Our Sanctuary Choir, Orchestra, and older Children’s Choir will be participating.  Even if you are not a part of these ensembles, come as a congregant to enjoy and worship through some beautiful musical expression.

Our music ministry continues to grow as God blesses us with those who want to offer their time and talents.  This and other ministry groups like Sunday School, Circles, Sunday Night Young Disciples and Youth, Scouts, and Weekday Bible studies can be excellent avenues to bring new people into our church community.  If there is someone out there you know who needs to be connected with us, simply invite them, then let us, your ministry staff, know how we can help encourage them.  We are glad to help.     Gratefully, Bill


Reconciliation Ministry

Dear Friends,

On Sunday morning we will have a chance to watch a clip about the Reconciliation Ministry that is a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  This brief clip will help us to glimpse the work this ministry does within our Churches. On October 1st you will be invited to make a gift to support its continued work.  Reconciliation Ministry has sponsored camps and conferences for adults and youth to learn from each other’s cultural experiences.  They have created “transformation teams” who work to unravel the effects of racism and separation and they also offering training events around the country to help people to explore tough conversations about our various cultural experiences and the continued challenge of racism in our nation.

I am proud that churches who make up the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are as diverse and varied as God’s creation.  Over the years whenever I have gone on mission trips with youth I have always intentionally made sure we worshipped in a Disciples congregation that was different than the one “back home.”  Sometimes Spanish was the language spoken. Other times the congregations stood up, danced, clapped, and sang a lot more than the youth were used to experiencing. Some experienced for one of the first time the realization that they were in a place where most people did not look like them. The differences of ethnic and cultural heritage were apparent, but then came time for the communion. At the heart of every worship, there was the Lord’s Supper, suddenly we were all in a familiar place within the family of God.

Our challenges as a nation in addressing the history of systemic racism within our nation are still here. I can’t begin to address it all, but I do know that ministries like the Reconciliation Ministry are not afraid to begin the conversation. They are not afraid to listen and challenge all of our congregations to grow and learn.

I wanted to mention one more thing that makes me proud to be a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The Reconciliation Ministry began in 1968 in response to the devastating murder of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This ministry and its work is nothing new to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). I’m proud that since the 1960’s the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has continued to encourage churches to find ways to take down the walls of division within our own communities of faith. Their work/our work is not done…You can find more here:

Glad to be in ministry with you!    Peace,  Kara  


September 20, 2017

Dear Friends,

On Sunday morning we will wrap up my September selections of sharing from my favorite stories from the Bible. This Sunday’s story comes from the book of Samuel (1 Samuel 3:1-10). It is the well-known story of God calling young Samuel in the night. There is so much that I love about this story. I can’t wait to explore it with you on Sunday morning!

Speaking of Sunday morning…don’t forget to bring your “Backpack Blessing” of food donations. The youth have challenged the entire congregation to “Fill the VW Bug” of food to support the West Broadway Elementary School’s “Backpack Blessing” Program. This is a great way to put our faith in action!  Backpack Blessings sends our most vulnerable children home with a backpack filled with food to eat over the weekend.  I’ll put the list of foods to be collected at the bottom of this email.

One of the reasons I love the story of Samuel’s calling by God is that it is a reminder to us all that God does not only use adults.  God called Samuel when he was just a boy. God uses our lives now – even our young people.  All of us have gifts to offer and I believe the Church is at our best when we recognize and affirm the gifts of all ages, especially our young people.  I would not be in the position I am in today without those who encouraged me as a young person. But, I think perhaps even more importantly, I would not be the person of faith that I am today without the encouragement and love of so many people who were right there with me in the pews on Sunday morning.

Our youth have offered us a great challenge. Let’s show them that we are listening and ready to respond to the needs of our most vulnerable children.  We belong to each other.

If you haven’t already – invite someone to join you in worship this Sunday!

Glad to be in ministry with you!

Peace, Kara

Items to be collected: macaroni and cheese cups, fruit cups, applesauce, single serving cereal, granola bars, instant oatmeal, juice boxes, Chef Boyardee cups, Campbell’s Soup Micro cups, single serving pretzels, single serving pudding, pop tarts, trail mix, beef stew (single serve), cheese and crackers, tuna, ramon noodles, beanie weenies.

Weekly Update

Dear Friends,

The other week I was talking to someone in the community about home repairs and the conversation turned to what I did for a living. No one seems to ever guess my occupation!  I happily told him that I was the new Pastor at First Christian Church. He said, “The Church on the hill by the college?”  “Yes,” I said, “That’s it.”  He immediately began a sort of apologetic/confessional that people seem to do with ministers. He said, “I believe. But, I don’t go to Church. The most crooked person I ever knew was a minister. No offense to you, but I just do my own thing..”  I tried to make a joke about ministers and told him that I understood but should he ever change his mind – He should come check out that “Church on the hill.”

I know there are many people out there like him. People who have decided that Church just isn’t for them. I think in some ways, that man was trying to tell me that he wanted a faith that was real. REAL.

On Sunday morning I’m going to be sharing about another one of my favorite passages. This is from the Gospel of Luke (my favorite of all the gospels). Jesus speaks about how two different men approach God in prayer. One, is a Pharisee who seems to do everything right. The other is a tax collector. I’ll let you guess which one Jesus holds up as the example for us in our own faith…

See You Sunday!

P.S. It’s never too late to join one of the great Sunday School classes at 9am on Sundays. We have something for all ages! Give me a shout out if you’d like me to help connect you to a class. Board Members – don’t forget there is a Board Meeting this Sunday following worship.

Glad to be in ministry with you!



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