Easter Is On the Way

Dear Friends,

This Sunday I am preaching on the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. It is a challenging story to talk about. I have struggled this week with what to say to you on Sunday. How do you even begin to explain resurrection?! I can’t. But, I do think I know what it feels like to stand outside the tomb and weep. I know what it feels like to wonder if all hope is lost as the stone is rolled in front of our hopes and longings.

A few weeks ago I asked for you to share with me your own prayer concerns so I could be in prayer with you. Thank you for sharing your prayers with me. I continue to hold them in my daily prayer life.

As I continue to struggle with the text for this Sunday, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that if this week you feel as if the pain is too great – if you feel lost – grief stricken or alone.  Easter is coming. New life is coming. It might not be exactly how or what you expected, but the same Savior who calls Lazarus from the tomb can do a new thing in your life too.
Come ready on Sunday to hear the story! Glad to be in ministry with you!

Peace,  Kara

P.S. Members of the Board – don’t forget our Board Meeting after worship. AND It’s never too late to join a Sunday School Class at 9am! Send me and email and I’d be glad to help point you in a direction of a class.

Calling all Campers! Camp Kum By Ya offers summer camp for 1-12th graders! FCC has committed to paying for half the registration cost for each camper from our church. Check out http://www.campkumbaya.org for more information!