Children’s Church

Children’s Worship Bulletins are available in the narthex each Sunday for ages 3-6 years and 7-12 years.  These bulletins are based on the lectionary for that week and have been designed to make the Biblical theme for the day more alive.

Worship and Wonder

A Sunday morning worship experience for children age 3– 2nd grade.

Children exit the Sanctuary with the adult Greeters following the Children’s Moments and reconvene in the Worship & Wonder Room in the new building (Room 30_).

wwlogoParents and storytellers witness to the effectiveness of Children Worship & Wonder:

“My stepson remembered the story that had been told in the worship center and retold it, word for word, on the way home from church.”

“Children Worship & Wonder is the only thing that has reached a child in our congregation whose behavior is often disruptive.  In the children’s worship center he is absorbed in the story and is able to work alone during the response time.”

What is Children Worship & Wonder?

ww1In the Children Worship & Wonder program at First Christian Church, children age 3 through 2nd grade hear stories from scripture and learn about God while they are experiencing the presence of God.  They are invited to enter into the stories and form responses out of their own rich life experiences. They learn about traditional worship practices by participating in them.  A typical worship includes singing, prayer, the reading of scripture, storytelling and sharing, offering, a feast time, and a benediction.  This way of being in worship with children respects the developmental abilities of children.  It is an exciting way of approaching faith formation based on the assumption that children already have a relationship with God.

ww3A Montessori based program, Children Worship & Wonder is led by trained Storytellers and Greeters and provides children with the tools, the language and the safe space to deepen their relationship with God.  Children can join us for worship simply by exiting the sanctuary following the Children’s Moment during the 10:30 worship.  The Greeter will meet them in the back of the sanctuary and guide them to the Children’s Worship Center.  Following the 10:30 worship, parents and guardians may reunite with their children at the Children’s Worship Center.