Sunday School Classes


Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM

The Present Word: The Christian Community Comes Alive: (Library)   Leader:  Steve Short      

The Wired Word: (Room #204)     Leader: Walt Cramer    

Acts: Living with Passionate Faith:  (Room 307)   Leader: Tara Edwards

Connections Lectionary Based Bible Study: (Conference Room #301)  Leader:  Donna McMurtrie

Ephesians: Our Immeasurable Blessing in Christ: (Room # 205) Leaders: Jaime and Jason Vincent

Sessions with Samuel: Stories from the Edge (Room # 203) Leader: Judy Rhoads

Children & Youth

Nursery: Tang Suppacheewa and a church volunteer provide our little Disciples with tender and conscientious care during both Sunday School and Worship service.  Room #107

Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM

Pre-K & Kindergarten.   Teachers: Nancye Ramsey & Angela Thomas           Room #103

1st & 2nd grades.  Teacher: Kelly Lippert        Room #303

3rd   4th & 5th grades.  Teacher: Liz Schweizer         Room #304

Youth I (Grades 6 & 7) Teacher: Rachel Nance-Woehler    Room # 306

Youth II (Grades 8-12) Teacher: Eric Nance-Woehler    Room # 305

Sunday Morning after Children’s Moments during Worship Service

Worship and Wonder:  (3yrs old thru 2nd grade)  Trained Storytellers during 10:30a.m. worship    Room #300

Transitional Class for Worship and Wonder (3rd – 5th grades) Teacher: Melissa Cheek  in the  Chapel

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