FCC Church Family

     On April 30, as we were dedicating baby Wyatt in worship, making our vows and promises to support this baby’s spiritual  journey his whole life long, I was reflecting on how this church family had made similar vows to me when I was a young child. And, you have kept those vows. You encouraged and sustained me as I grew to adulthood, as I discerned a call to ministry, and into motherhood, as you are now living out the vow to support my child in her faith. As your interim youth minister, you supported me with love and grace.

It’s been 2 ½ years of all kinds of growth for our youth ministry. Our youth have wrestled with challenges, prayed and worshiped together, grown in leadership and calling, said goodbye to graduating friends, and welcomed new members into our Chi Rho and CYF family. They have formed a strong community of spiritual friends eager to lead and serve in their faith community and beyond. The youth are ready and eager for the trust and support that a settled leader will bring.

This church family has encouraged me in ministry since I was a little preschooler, and I am thankful that your love and grace continue to sustain me in this transition out of interim ministry even now.

Philippians 1:3-6,               Rachel Nance Woehler