I’m writing to you in the midst of a busy and typical Tuesday  afternoon. I’ve got meetings and “to do” lists galore, but I must confess that I am are already starting to look down the road at the new adventure that awaits us in Madisonville!  When I was in Madisonville 17 years ago as the summer ministry intern I had no idea that I would ever return!   My life has already been blessed by this congregation. I have always considered that summer internship the pivotal experience that shaped my calling to vocational ministry.

My first Sunday in worship with you will be Sunday, September 3rd. I look forward to hearing your stories and learning more about this congregation that you love.  When I arrive — I will be all ears!  I’m thrilled to work with the awesome staff of the Church. I can already tell how dedicated they are to their work.   I’m also overjoyed to have my kids, Annie and Luke enrolled in such a fabulous preschool at First Christian Church!

I come to Madisonville with my amazing husband, Mark. He is an attorney in private practice and will likely be beginning a practice in Madisonville.  Annie, our oldest, is four and Luke, is three.  They keep us busy!  We will also be bringing our “fur” family, Sadie our cat and Rosie, the dog.

What else can I tell you about our family?  We are a proud adoptive family having adopted our first child, Annie.  We enjoy pretty much all things outdoors.  I love to garden. Mark loves to hunt and fish at any opportunity. (He has been known to stop on his way home from court!)  I am a vegetarian and Mark eats anything and everything – together we are a great meal team!  I grew up in several places, but most of my life was spent in Lexington.  Mark is a life long east Tennessee guy.

A wonderful thing about the Christian faith is that even though we don’t quite know each other – we are already united in a love that binds us all as the body of Christ. I’m grateful for that love more than ever these days. I’m grateful for a Church who is willing to step out in faith. I’m grateful for new beginnings and trust in the One who will never leave us or forsake us.   One of the gifts of the Church is that there is always more room at the table! I look forward to joining you soon.

Glad to be in ministry with you!     Peace,   Kara Foster