This Sunday we will be installing our new leaders, Deacons and Elders.  We will also be acknowledging and giving thanks for all our Elders and Deacons and the Executive Committee leadership.  This is a time to surround them in prayer as they commit themselves to service. We will also celebrate a new Honorary Elder and give thanks for the service of new Elder Emeritus. We have much to be grateful for as a congregation!

Our new Elders are Barbara Davis and Carolyn Sholar. Our new Deacons are Ronnie Beeny, Charlene Carson, Jeff and Christina Wortham, Sally Patterson, Lynn Curtis, Gina Munger, and Liz Schweizer, and Jennifer and Daniel Fout. Our Honorary Elder is Tara Edwards, and for Elder Emeritus:  Steve Palmer, Leon Peyton, and Marty Vaughn.

I am grateful to serve a congregation with such dedicated leaders.  These new Elders and Deacons have agreed to serve our congregation as servant and spiritual leaders in the Church.  Thank you for saying, “yes” to Christ’s service in these roles!

Peace, Kara