Lenten Prayers

Dear Friends,

Ash Wednesday begins the Season of Lent. This six-week journey in the season before Easter is a time for reflection and prayer. Traditionally it has been a time for Christians to intentionally reflect upon the way of the cross that Jesus will take in Jerusalem. Christians have marked this time through acts of service, prayer, fasting, & silence. (This is one of the reasons I am offering a Sunday School Class on Spiritual Practices! Join us Sunday in the Fellowship Hall.

For my own spiritual practice through Lent I would like to deepen the ways I pray for our church and the people who are a part of it. I plan to pray my way through the Church directory, our children and youth ministry lists, and all our regular worshipers.

What can I be in prayer for you? If you have a moment, please reply by email, drop me a note, or give me a call, and let me know how I can be in prayer for you through this Lenten Season. You are welcome to be as specific or as general as you would like to be in what you share with me. Or if you prefer, you can leave me a note that is completely anonymous.

As we journey to Easter, part of my spiritual practice will be to deepen the way I pray for our Church family. As I pray for you, I would love to be able to pray for the specific concerns that are close to your own heart. One of the joys of a faith community is that we are reminded that as the Body of Christ – we do not walk this road alone.

Glad to be in ministry with you!         Peace,  Kara