Life Together

         Schools will soon be closing for the summer.  People are planning vacations.  Some are looking forward to trips to the lake.  Others are looking forward to fresh vegetables.  In your planning, do not forget the many activities and ministries provided here at First Christian Church.  Don’t forget Vacation Bible School.

During the month of June, I am asking you to read, as I reread, my favorite devotional book:  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together.  Unlike most devotional books, it focuses on the Interaction of people with each other, and not just our relationship with God.  As Jesus pointed out in the upper room, it is how we treat one another that shows to the world that we are indeed Jesus’s disciples [John 13: 35].  After all, why would non-Christians want to join a group that taught love but practiced hostility one to another?

Bonhoeffer was a young German theologian active in the ecumenical movements and with contacts throughout the world.  He had several opportunities to flee Nazi Germany, but he chose to stay and “witness” before them and the world to his Christian faith.  During the time he developed the ideas in Life Together, he was teaching in a secret seminary to avoid the German authorities.  He later joined one of the plots to assassinate Hitler.  He was hanged just prior to the liberation of the concentration camp at Flossenburg in April, 1945.  Despite the vast number of his writings and their influence, this remains, I think, one of the most important.  Read it with us, and make up your own mind.   God Bless You!