Love Heals

Dear Friends,

I was remembering a time when a new couple who had been worshiping in my congregation for a few weeks informed me that they’d be moving on to another Church. The reason they would be leaving?  “We keep waiting for some good, old, hell fire and damnation from you out of the pulpit.”   I wished them well on their search for the Church that was the right fit for them.

There’s lots of reasons why there isn’t much of that “hell fire” coming at you on Sunday mornings from me.  Perhaps the biggest reason is that I just don’t think it works. I believe that when people hear a lot of fear from the pulpit they tend to respond by hiding, not changing.

It’s love that heals. It’s the love we have met in Jesus Christ that changes us. Frees us. Empowers us to be more than we once were. Or as the scriptures put it, “a new creation.” I hope to see you in our Sanctuary on Sunday morning – let the healing begin!

Glad to be in ministry with you!

Peace, Kara

P.S. When you pray this week – pray for those who do not have a safe place to go from the extreme cold that is impacting our nation. Also, First Presbyterian Church has a winter shelter ministry & they are in need of overnight volunteers. You can learn more & even volunteer online here at: