New Songs of Praise

        “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”  A few weeks ago I lamented over winter’s cold clutch on my bones and muscles.  But, I am reminded of how beautiful winter can be with a new layer of bright white snow on the ground.  Everything looks clean for a little while.  It reminds me of the time-honored song, “Whiter Than Snow” which  metaphorically ties Jesus’ cleansing of us to a fresh fallen snow.  Written by a Sunday School teacher and Published in 1872, it is James Nicholson’s only hymn remaining in regular use today.

We have many strong hymns and songs in our worship repertoire.  There are currently some very good song/hymn writers producing high quality, singable tunes, with theologically sound texts.  We will be introducing a few of them to you as we move through winter into spring.  Several will be by the team of Keith, Kristin Getty, and Stuart Townend, song writers and artists from the UK (not University of Kentucky!).  Many of us invest time and resources into continuing education, making sure our craft is fresh, current and marketable.  We should want the same for our body of song we offer to God and his church.  It is easy to get comfortable in our worship elements and there is nothing wrong with that as long as the comfort does not become the worshipped.   So, “Let us sing, let us sing, let us sing!”

Gratefully, Bill