Facing the Storm

           On Sunday I will be preaching from the story in Matthew 14 that tells about Peter stepping out of the boat in the stormy waters. Just for a moment he took a few steps on the water. It’s a well-known miracle story. I’ve been thinking a lot about what a story likes this means. Why on earth did Peter ask to be called out of that boat? It makes no sense to me. They were already terrified by a storm– why would Peter think that stepping out of the boat would make things any better?  I invite you to read this story as you spend time with scripture this week.  I look forward to sharing with you in worship about how I have “wrestled” with this powerful story.

Also on Sunday we will be welcoming our Preschool students in worship with us. What a joy it is to have this wonderful ministry to young people in our community! Come ready to welcome these young children & their families. Also, I just received word that we had over 100 people in Sunday School last week! We have great teachers and classes for all ages! Thank you Sunday School teachers – you are making a difference!  If you’d ever like help in finding a class – don’t hesitate to be in touch with me. Classes meet at 9am on Sundays.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has turned in those “Estimates of Giving” cards & stopped by our Ministry Tables to volunteer. You are helping us to prepare for ministry in 2018.  (FYI You can still drop those cards by the office or in an offering plate on Sunday.)

We have much to be grateful for in this congregation! I’m happy to be with you in the journey.

Peace, Kara

Happenings this Weekend at First Christian Church…

Disciples 101 – It’s not too late to join the Disciples 101 class that Kara is leading for anyone who is “newish” to FCC. Class meets at 9am at the Chapel on Sunday morning!

Halloween Haunt for babies through 5th grade in the gym THIS Sunday from 4-6pm. Games, Prizes, and Chili Supper. Invite a friend to join you! For questions, contact: Children’s Director, Alice Chaney by email or 821-5335

On Sunday the Youth (6-12th grade) are headed to Cates farm, pumpkin patch and corn maze. Meet at the Church at 3pm & we will return at 8pm. The cost is $10. For more info contact Jaimee

Committing to Ministry

Dear Friends,

As I continue to settle into life here at First Christian Church I want to share an observation I  made with the Elders of the Church recently. I have been impressed by the many ways people in this congregation are serving. I am inspired to see that so many serve in different ways:  from teaching preschool kids in Sunday School about a shofar, to playing in the orchestra, making beautiful bulletin boards, or taking pictures for the “Membership Corner.”  There are folks who pick up people on Sundays, take “welcome bags” to first time visitors, people who serve as door Greeters, bring food for the Hospitality table, and vacuum the sanctuary. That is just a tiny glimpse! Many people have told me that they continue to pray for this congregation. I can’t tell you how important is to feel that this church is  surrounded in prayer. Prayer is an important ministry within this Church! Thank you for the prayers!

On Sunday morning we will commit our lives to another year of Ministry at First Christian Church.  Before and after worship we will have the Ministry leaders for different committees available for you to ask questions and volunteer.  I encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can use your gifts to serve Christ’s Church. We will also be bringing forward our “Estimate of Giving” cards during the morning worship.  The Cards will be available to you in the pews.  These cards help the Stewardship and Finance Committee make important ministry decisions within the life of this Church.  Think of these cards as your “giving goal” for 2018.

I am grateful for the faithfulness of so many. I’m grateful for the people who continue to step forward and say, “Yes” to Christ’s Church.  I know that with Christ all things are possible!

Glad to be in ministry with you!    Peace,    Kara


More Than Money

    It’s Wednesday afternoon and the “to do” list has evolved throughout the day.  Suddenly I    remember I need to get this article written so Donna can get the newsletter printed and ready for our volunteers to process the next morning.  It’s great to be in an environment with so much going on.  Trying to connect with new folks in our midst, getting ready to get the Sanctuary Choir on the road Sunday for the All Disciples Sing in Hopkinsville, getting budget figures together, making sure children’s choir attendance records are up to date so we don’t let any fall through the cracks, finding a few minutes to look over several anthems for use now through Christmas…AND celebrating our pastor’s 40th birthday.

It’s exciting to have so much going on in our church!  As we wrap up our stewardship emphasis this week, take a hard look at how you can be more than just an obedient and cheerful giver.  Look around and consider committing to one of the many ministry teams we call committees.  There’s  always a place at the table for one more!

And, if you can, we’d love to have you at the All Disciples Sing this Sunday, October 22, 4pm, First Christian Church, Hopkinsville, 2601 S. Walnut St., 42240.

Come join the fun and work!            Gratefully,   Bill


Settling In


This Sunday is a time of Commitment for our congregation as we prepare for another year of ministry.  I invite you to prayerfully consider how you can be a part of ministry in this place. This is the Sunday to return those “Estimates of Giving” cards during worship, but there will also be cards available in the pews.  Be sure to stop by the tables in the entryway and chat with the leaders of committees in our congregation.  These groups carry the ministry of our congregation forward in so many ways.  You don’t have to be an official Church member to volunteer – we all have gifts to offer!

One of my great joys as a pastor is hearing the stories of people’s lives.  I have heard many wonderful stories about how people came to First Christian Church.  In fact – if you haven’t already, tell me sometime about how you came to FCC! I’d love to hear it!

I have heard stories of being carried in here as a baby, memories of growing up in Sunday School and Camp Kum By Yah. I have heard about the joy of sitting next to your grandparents in the pews. I have heard about how this Church has been a community of healing for them. Others have mentioned the warmth and acceptance they have received in this Church and how it has reminded them of God’s love.  One person told me that they chose this congregation because they are challenged in this place.  I have heard people speak of the power of community and friendship that they have known, this community that we call, the “Body of Christ.” I have heard people tell me how much it means to them to have a place that nurtures all ages in our spiritual journeys.

What a gift these stories are to us all?! I am always mindful that there are people who have yet to find us. People who have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ in this place. On Sunday we will commit our lives to another year of ministry.  We will commit ourselves to the future, not just for our own selves, but for the ones who have yet to come.

Glad to be in ministry with you!  Peace, Kara

Happenings this Weekend at First Christian Church…

Kids (K-5th grade) are invited to meet at the Church this Saturday at 1pm to head to Christ’s Way Pumpkin Patch in Hopkinsville. Parents, and grandparents are encouraged to come along as chaperones too! This event is FREE! We hope to be back by 5pm. Come and join the fun! For questions, contact our Children’s Director, Alice Chaney by email or by calling 270-821-5335

Sunday, October 22nd:  Is our Stewardship Commitment Sunday & also Committees will meet after worship with lunch

After Worship on the 22nd there will be a brief meeting immediately following worship for youth (6-12th grade) & their families to hear about the Summer Youth Mission trip to Heifer Ranch in Arkansas.

ALL Disciples Sing is also on the 22nd at 4pm. Come and hear some great music at First Christian Church, Hopkinsville. Located at 2601 S. Walnut Street.


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