Progress Report

Several have asked, “What’s going on with our building project?” In an effort to keep the church family informed the Building Committee will provide periodic updates.

Here is what we know in the last few days. Kyle Boston our Project Designer with Alliance Corporation reports that the “site plan is 80% complete civil engineering work, surveying etc. . . has been going on. Conversations on building codes are taking place with officials from the city of Madisonville. Additional conversations are taking place with the company that services our fire alarm and sprinkler systems.”

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Going Beyond:

We like to think of the church as going beyond the “four walls of a building.” That is so very true for our  church family at this point in time. How so?

  • Three of our folks—Mary Susan Fishman, Mark Lee and Ed Ramsey have joined three others from northern Kentucky in serving the larger church by traveling to Nicaragua to live out what it means to be a partner church with the forty plus churches of the Council of Protestant Churches there.
  • This time of year we are lifting up the denominational and ecumenical ministry of Week of Compassion. Your gifts to the mission of WOC makes it possible for wells to be dug, children to be cared for and real human needs to be met in the face of natural disasters and so much more is done for “the least of these…”
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The wall came tumbling down, not the walls of Jericho, not the Wailing Wall,  not the Berlin Wall but the retaining wall on the west side of the church.

The wall had moved 17 inches away from the driveway, sidewalk and flowerbed, and had become a safety hazard.  The design and construction of the wall were insufficient  and made this action necessary.

I keep thinking there has to be a sermon illustration somewhere in this experience!  We are thankful for the ministry of our Property Committee for guidance during this unexpected event.

I look forward to seeing you This Sunday which promises to be a wonderful day for our church family to build “…upon the foundation of the apostles  and prophets with Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone.” Ephesians 2:20

Grace and Peace, Don

Lena Grace McLaughlin

It is one of those moments that will take your breath away; you may have guessed that I am talking about the birth of our first grandchild, Lena Grace McLaughlin. For Stephanie and me, holding that precious little one was a sacred moment. It has been said “there are no atheists in foxholes”, to that I would add,” there are no atheists in the birthing room/maternity wing”.  We feel happy and blessed and very thankful. God’s gift of life continues to amaze and thrill us.

At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I observed that things have certainly changed since the birth of our children. Yet we celebrate that the changes are for the good of the baby, the parents and families. The constant for me is the wonder and beauty of a new life coming into the world. The joy we feel at a time like this reinforces that God is working in our hearts and lives and in the world to bring new life, physically and spiritually. So, the birth of a child is God’s opinion that life should go on. Thanks be to God!

Your loving support and prayers are certainly appreciated by our family as we welcome Lena into the world. Let us as a church family join together to know and love God and with thankful hearts embrace God’s gift of new life in its many and varied forms.

Grace and Peace, Don


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