Lighting the Candles

Upon returning from Thanksgiving in Colorado I find I have a new badge of honor.  Unpacking the suitcase I discovered three shirts with spit up on the shoulder, or the sleeve.  It was well worth it for precious time spent with a new granddaughter.  Laundering shirts is a small price to pay for holding and giving a bottle to six-week-old Lena.

We are well on the way to the second Sunday of Advent.  The candles on the wreath remind us of those good Advent words:  hope, peace, joy, love.  In this holy season shall we treasure the baby or shall we complain about a little spit up.  Shall we prepare room in our hearts for the baby Jesus and the babies whom Jesus loves?  It is such a good occasion for us to do something worthwhile, to enjoy praying, to celebrate the scripture, to worship with an open heart. Truly this sacred season calls us to light a candle and not simply curse the darkness.

Grace and Peace, Don

Disciple tradition

Worship in our “Disciple tradition” can be anything but traditional.  This was demonstrated so beautifully Sunday by the participation of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.  Their expressive presentation of Matthew 25 included our children who were present for the Children’s Moment.  What an inspiring time of worship.  We focused on the fourth practice of “Risk Taking Mission and Service” but the greater theme is “stewardship”.  How do we use our God given gifts to serve and share the good news?  The holistic definition of stewardship comes from a
deeper spiritual understanding.  As has been said, stewardship is not about the church’s need to receive, it is a bout the need of the giver to give.

As you know, this takes place in some rather non-traditional and very creative ways for Disciples.  By and through our stewardship we say “yes” to the call of God.  Teaching and learning is stewardship, as is mission and acts of caring and so much more.  By our giving, by our loving, by our serving we give deep and sincere thanks to God who is the source of life and the “Giver of every good and perfect gift

Grace and Peace, Don


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