The Work Continues

We continue to celebrate the good work of our ministry of church camp. Significant faith development, great friendships, good fun and a first hand appreciation of God’s creation are the defining characteristics of this ministry.  Children and youth can still register for camps this summer at Kum-Ba-Ya (and Wa-Kon-Da-Ho).  The church pays half or more of the registration fee. Invite a young person you know to go to camp this summer.

Also, we continue to pray for those people suffering due to flooding and the horrendous damage from tornados in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Joplin, Missouri and other places.  Our Week of Compassion is responding with financial and organizational assistance.

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Come and See…Go and Tell

Many have observed “the cycle of the gospel.”  It is a two-step process of “come and see” followed by “go and tell”.  We initially observe these most appropriate responses in Jesus’ birth account.  The shepherds and the wise men represent us in their journey to come and see “the good news of great joy for all the people” Luke 2:10b.  And most appropriately they embraced the go and tell opportunity when they “made known what had been told them about the child.” Luke 2:17b.

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The Waters of Baptism

As we celebrated the joy and beauty of Christian baptism on Easter Sunday I was reminded of Jesus walking into the Jordan River to be baptized.  When John the Baptizer hesitated Jesus told him that his baptism was to “…fulfill all righteousness”.  Matthew 3:15b

We remind ourselves and those who are baptized that what was true for Jesus is also true for us.  Baptism is significant and we observe it as a sacrament of the church.  Baptism is not however, a destination. Rather, it is the acknowledgement and acceptance of the death and burial of our old life. It is an embracing of our new life as we rise like Christ from the waters.

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God is With Us

Don McLaughlin

During times of stress and anxiety it is helpful to consider the Holy Week journey of Jesus. The power of a good example teaches well; actions that are consistent with good words are truly instructional.

Jesus showed great courage in going to Jerusalem.  He acknowledged his fear but refused to be overwhelmed by it.  His example teaches us that fear must not dictate our path and must not guide our decisions.  Jesus stayed close to his disciples and friends like Lazarus, Mary and Martha.  In that closeness he found the support needed to go through tough times.

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