The stories in the windows

There are a total of sixty windows in the sanctuary.  Faceted windows are made in a new technique.  The glass is about an inch thick, cut to the desired shape with specially designed hammers.

The faceted edge, which is the result of this chopping refracts the light and gives a jewel-like quality.  The glass is set in a matrix of epoxy resin resulting in a unit of great strength.

The three-lancet chancel window shows Jesus in the center. He is standing with His hands raised in benediction.

To the left is the scene of Christmas. Under the rays of the star of Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph adore the Christ Child in the manger.

On the right is the scene of Easter. Mary Magdalene kneels at the tomb in front of the angel who points up saying “He is risen”. In the distance are three empty crosses.

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The five panel window over the entrance shows Jesus seated at the supper table at, Emmaus. With Him are the two disciples who joined Him along the way. It is the moment they recognize Him as He blesses the bread and wine. At the outer edges of the window are a plate of bread and a chalice of wine. The chalice is in the form of the seal of the Christian Church.

Around the Church slanting up or in horizontal bands are “ribbon” windows. Many of these contain symbols although not all of them do. Some have irregular cross or star shapes that are purely decorative. Several panels have two symbols. There are 50 of these small windows. Beginning from the left side of the chancel, counterclockwise, there are fourteen panels of four panes each.  For more information about these sections, there is a picture and description of each on the Panel pages in the drop down menu list.