Panels 1 thru 4

The list starts with the first panel to the left as you face the large window at the center of the sanctuary above the baptistry. The individual panes read from right to left:

Panel 1 – Panes 1-4
  1. Rayed cross – the triumph of Easter
  2. I H C – an abbreviation of the Greek word for Jesus
  3. Anchor cross – symbol for hope
  4. Abstract cross shape
Panel 2 – panes 5-8
  1. Six pointed star of David
  2. Cross whose arms end in points – Christ’s passion
  3. A tall cross with ribbon or banner behind it – symbol for John the Baptist
  4. No symbol
Panel 3 – Panes 9-12
  1. Fleur de lis or flower – symbol of the Virgin Mary
  2. A deep V shaped cross – variant on the St. Andrew’s cross
  3. Crossed sword and pilgrim staff – James the Greater. The sword denotes his martyrdom
  4. Sword entwined with a snake – John escaped many attempts on his life.
Panel 4 – panes 13-16
  1. Spear and carpenter’s square – Thomas built a church with his own hands in India where he later was killed by the spear of a pagan priest.
  2.  A club – the instrument of the martyrdom of James the Less
  3.  Three purses – recall Matthew’s original calling of tax collector
  4.  A boat hook and carpenter’s square – given to Jude because of his many missionary voyages

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