Panels 9 Thru 12

Panel 9 – Panes 33-36
  1. Abstract cross or star shape
  2. No symbol
  3. Alpha and Omega – the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Jesus said’ I am, the alpha and omega”
  4. Cross with arms of equal length – a Greek cross
Panel 10 – Panes 37-40
  1. Holy Spirit dove
  2. A cross and fish
  3. Grapes or flowers and leaves
  4. a. A Maltese cross – the Beatitudes  b. Shepherd’s staff – “I am the Good Shepherd”
Panel 11 – Panes 41-44
  1. A rayed sun
  2. A cross on an altar such as was used in the catacombs by early Christians.
  3. Rayed triangle – Trinity
  4. Cross composed of four tau crosses – called the cross of healing because of its resemblance to an archaic crutch.
Panel 12 – Panes 45-48
  1. Key – Peter
  2. Cross Saltire – the Apostle Andrew was martyred on such a cross.
  3. I H S and Crown – the I H S is a form of the I H C, abbreviation for the name of Jesus. Combined with a crown it shows Christ in majesty.
  4. Escallop shell – baptism

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