Please Pray for:


If you or someone in your family is hospitalized please call our church office at 821-5335.  Hospitals must abide by the HIPO regulations and thus are unable to share patient information with churches.  Thank you for helping us be informed so that we may appropriately care for our church family.

Church Family: 

Lamoine Armstrong, Jo Bachman, Robbie Baird,  Diane Bennett, Jim Brown,  Reid Brown, Roger Butler, Billie Davis, Scott Deahl, Donna Edwards, Sallie  Egli,  Dot Grubbs,  Becky Jarvis, Randy & Jennifer Katich, Jane Kington, Roelan Ledbetter, Beverly Matthews, Jackie McCracken, Lanna McGary, Mary Miller, Kay Osborne, Bill Patterson, Liz Patterson,  Claud & Ena Price,  Shirley Purdy, Cheryl Redd,  Jerry Rhoads,  Ches Riddle, Art Ridley,  Jim & Sandra  Stinson, Brian Taylor, Jim Teague, Betty Trover, Nana Valentine, Connie Wells,  Joyce West, Shirley Williams, Ann Wilson

Friends and Extended Family:

Patti Bennett, Bob Boal (Mary Lou Boal’s husband),  Ed Coffman, Ruffin  Chandler, Bill Cox,  Claude Farwick, Bill Faulkner,  Dottie and Mike Garrigan, Angelina Gooch,  Dale Hawkins, Cameron Hunt,  Debbie Koonce, Curtis Lee, Aukje Phillips, Debbie Phillips, Phyllis Phillips, Orion Predko, Margaret Pritchett, Henry & Janice Ramey, Kathryn Raymond, Monte Robinson, Charlie Roberson,  Tara Shay, Vicky Snarr, Madeline Stocke, Warren Teague, Phil Terry, Barry & Wendy Toomey, Rebecca Vaughan, Pat Welborne, Shirley Wells, Billie Wilson


Campus Crusade  for Christ: Hugh & JoAnn Roberson
Nicaragua:  Ed Ramsey
Philippines Scholarship: Alma Hunt   
Team Expansion: Alan & Renee Witkowski
African Children’s Edu. Initiative Inc.  Rodger Qualls

Our Military:

SFC Ryan Barrett Baird, SSG Jason Brantley(in Germany), CPT Faron (Colt) Ipox,  CPT Brad Johnson in South Korea, CPT Jordan Glover,   CPT Ginny Ashmore Iskandarov, CPT Andy Lear,  MAJ Ryan McLaughlin, SPC Randall E. Renfrow,   Seaman Apprentice William Crosswait,  2LT  Evan Downall


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