Thanks, Sympathy, and Special Gifts


Special Thanks:

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for my Bible dictionary .  I appreciate  everyone for thinking about me.       Taylor Corbin

Dear Membership Committee

Thank you very much for the Subway gift card you sent to me while I was at WKU.  It was very thoughtful and I appreciate it.  Sincerely, Alex Beeny

Dear Church Family,

Thank you, so much, for all your prayers and, expressions of comfort at the passing of our brother, David Pearson.  We really appreciated the food brought to Barnett Strother Funeral Home.  The request was very last minute and your response was immediate and generous.  Many people came by the funeral home and it was a great comfort.                    Melody and Jim

Dear First Christian Church,

Thank you so much for the cakes that many of you donated for our  church carnival cake walk.

It would not have been the success it was without your help.         Thanks, Cake Walk Committee

To My Friends and Family at FCC,

Our many thanks for your love and kindness shown to us over the past several months of our illnesses.  From your visits, love, cards, calls and delicious food.  We give thanks.  All my life I’ve been involved in the Christian Church.  From playing the organ at the Christian Church in Sebree to participating in the Life of the church in Madisonville.  I thought I was giving to the church.  Being away I realize it was feeding me through each of you and the lovely things many of you have done for us.  Many thanks to Mary Ann and Buddy, Sheila, Candy, Kenny and Bill Thomas.  We especially thank Larry who so faithful in his calls and visits.    You all have blessed us.

Love, Sandra and Jim Stinson

Thanks to all who have said a prayer, brought us a meal or shared their generosity with the arrival of Madeline. We greatly appreciate everyone’s support during this transition. Marisa loves being a big sister and is a big help to mom.  We have truly felt the warmth of the church and the love for our family. Thank you,

Tom and Makenzie McEnroe 

Memorial Gifts given to First Christian Church

In memory of KC Zellich

Charlie and Nancye Ramsey, Buddy and Mary Ann Brooks, Charlie and Katherine Kington, Duane and Marylyn Kington, Gayle Travis

In memory of Thelma McMurtrie

Charlie and Katherine Kington, Barry and Marty Vaughn 

In Memory of Harry Seibert

Jo Bachman, Gladys Bone,  Mary Haylee Hancock, Lanna McGary, Sylvia B. Rhew, Jane Mosley, Roscoe and Carolyn Oldham,  Barry and Marty Vaughn

In Memory of David Pearson 

Allen and Susanne Elliott, Tom and Connie Nance




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