Thanks, Sympathy, and Special Gifts


We extend Christian sympathy and prayers to Larry and Warrena Barnerd in the loss of his mother Dorla Barnerd and to the family and friends of Lucien Ruby II.

Special Thanks:

Dear Church Family,

I would like to thank all those that helped serve, made sandwiches, brought fruit, cookies, chips and drinks for the Holy Week Lenten Lunches.  There were many compliments and attendance averaged 66 per day.  Our church is amazing.

Mary Susan Fishman

Dear Church Family,

Thank you to all who attended our wedding shower.  We appreciate the thoughtful gifts and cards.  This church means so much to us and our spiritual growth.  We love this church. Thank you for loving us.  With grateful hearts,                                                     Jeff Wortham and Christina Gillis

Memorial Gifts given to First Christian Church

In memory of KC Zellich

Charlie and Nancye Ramsey, Buddy and Mary Ann Brooks, Charlie and Katherine Kington, Duane and Marylyn Kington, Gayle Travis

In memory of Thelma McMurtrie

Charlie and Katherine Kington, Barry and Marty Vaughn 

In Memory of Harry Seibert

Jo Bachman, Gladys Bone,  Mary Haylee Hancock, Lanna McGary, Sylvia B. Rhew, Jane Mosley, Roscoe and Carolyn Oldham,  Barry and Marty Vaughn



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