Praying for God’s Guidance

        We have spent the last six months praying for our Senior Pastor Search Committee and they have been working diligently to seek God’s new leader for us.  They will bring a unanimous and enthusiastic recommendation for our new senior pastor to the congregation board this Sunday.  Let me ask you to do the following.

Pray.  Pray for the candidate, even though for privacy’s sake the candidate’s name has not been officially announced yet.   Pray for the church, that we will prayerfully seek God’s leadership.  Pray that we will put aside personal agendas and seek the welfare of the congregation.  Pray that our hearts will follow God’s will in this selection process.

Participate.  There are two events scheduled next week in which we can learn more about the recommended candidate.  The Sunday board meeting [reserve a place for lunch] and a meet and greet on Wednesday with the candidate will help us know more about the minister.   On May 28, the congregation will vote.  Please participate in these activities as you can.

To our faithful visitors, let me say this.  Please pray for us as we go through these next weeks and participate so you too can learn more about our prospective new pastor.  Our church needs your input as we follow God’s will for our future.

God Bless You!