Sponsor A Scholar Program

Founded by Alma Lim Hunt, the Sponsor-A-Scholar Program was organized in 2002 in the Negros Oriental Island of the Philippines to provide financial assistance to deserving low-income college students.

The mission of the program is to reach out to the less fortunate with love, peace and compassion by providing spiritual leadership, role models and inspirational as well as motivational leadership.

The goal of the program is to graduate students so that they become self-sufficient, contributing member to the society and law-abiding citizens.

Study GroupsPhilippines are a developing country and many young people are deprived of education because of poverty. We all strive to make the world a better place to live but it takes everyone to achieve it. Education is the way to change their culture and make their lives better.  The program operates through donations from sponsors with First Christian Church as the main supporter. There were over 35 students who applied for the 2002 program, but there was only enough money for 17 students. The first three graduates now have jobs and are helping their families and giving back to the community through volunteer work. Four were forced to quit because the day’s walk from the mountains to town without adequate clothing and food posed a tremendous hardship in spite of trying to live and work with families in exchange for board and lodging.

The first year, I had only enough money to pay for the tuition. The next year, I added to the amount I allotted so that they would have money for food and transportation. Later, I added again so that they have money to pay for a house where they can live in a dorm-like situation.

The last group of students were graduated in March 2011. These students are first generation with a college education in their families. Their lives have been changed thanks to the sponsors who believe in making a difference.

It is hard for most Americans to comprehend that so little American dollars, e.i., $400 a year, are needed to pay college expenses, including housing, food, clothing, books, tuition, etc for high school seniors living in poverty in the Philippine Islands.

In the Philippines, with a college education, young people are able to provide better living conditions for themselves and their families. Basic things, which we in America take for granted, such as food and a “bed” in which to sleep, are two of the things bought by graduating students for their families.

New sponsors are needed for the next college term, if the scholarship is to continue to enable deserving youth to escape a life of poverty and be able to provide for themselves and their families.

The more we can help others obtain education and raise their standard of living the more we have a chance to live in harmony and have world peace. I encourage you to support this worthy mission and give a gift of a lifetime. Let’s build bridges from the USA to the Philippine Islands with your giving. Get involved, make a difference and become a sponsor by emailing Alma Lim Hunt or by phone at 270-825-2172.


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