Upcoming Missions

Dear Friends,
This Sunday I am continuing our journey through the Gospel of John with a story that is the longest recorded conversation that Jesus ever had with someone. It is the story of Jesus’ encounter with the “woman at the well” in John, Chapter 4. I have been reflecting on who this woman was and how Jesus changed her life and I look forward to sharing with you on Sunday morning!

It will be another joyous day as we prayerfully send off our Nicaragua Mission Group as they prepare to share in ministry together with our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua. Over the years this group has continued to develop strong friendships while also working to improve clean water access for all!

We will also have a chance to support the ministry of Week of Compassion. Week of Compassion is the disaster and humanitarian group of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). They do great work in our own country and around the world! Find out more at http://www.weekofcompassion.org,

I ask that you keep our youth in prayer this weekend as they participate in a fundraiser and learning event called the 30 Hour Famine, which is designed to build awareness of world hunger. Thank you to all our awesome youth sponsors and to Jaimee Duncan for making this experience a reality!  Speaking of youth…our youth are having a Chili Contest and luncheon in the gym immediately following worship next Sunday, March 4th.  They could still use some folks to make chili (contact Jaime – to volunteer.)

Glad to be in ministry with you! Peace, Kara

Come ready to eat after worship on March 4th in the gym! All donations will go toward the youth Summer Mission Trip to the Heifer Ranch in Arkansas www.heifer.org