Update from the Associate’s Office…

    We are scheduled to have our high-speed internet service installed February 19!  What does this mean for you?  Hopefully those of you who use online Bible apps and resources on your mobile devices will get better connectivity on the church’s Wi-Fi signal.  Church leaders who must access the web-based church membership software Realm via office computers and mobile devices should have much quicker access and response.  We hope to have more creative freedom in our Facebook Live Sunday morning broadcasts by utilizing the church’s higher internet upload speed rather than someone’s personal iPhone data connection.  As the communication platform expands, we believe this will help us be more productive in ministry and reaching out to our community in a positive way.  If you want to use our “Guest” internet Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device, in your Wi-Fi settings, simply click on “FCC-Guest”.          

       Regional Men’s Chorus – Jim McMurtrie and I had a great time singing with 90 other men at this year’s Christian Church of KY Regional Men’s Chorus in Carrollton and Frankfort, KY, February 2-4.  Thanks to Angela for filling in for me that Sunday.  Thanks also to Janet Corum for a wonderful solo offering that day.  Thank you, church, for allowing us to participate.  Plans are in the works for us to host this group of singing men next year!

We are always in the hunt for persons willing to operate our audio-visual equipment used in worship and other special events around the church.  If you have interest in this ministry, please contact me, Bill Thomas.  Gratefully!  Bill