Welcoming Guests

I remember when getting a girl’s phone number was a priority in the high school dating world.  It was part of the courtship process.  It identified you as someone who was interested in spending more time with them.  It obviously would speak to the person that you were interested!  I’m not sure how all that happens these days but I have some ideas.

People now visit churches for many reasons – by invitation from a friend, reputation of ministry activities for children and youth, social media advertisement, or a relationship by crisis ministry from a minister, elder, deacon, or other church member.  Once that person makes the decision to visit, then acts upon that choice, we begin what I call the courtship between the guest and the church.

In regard to my opening sentences above, I want to make us mindful of how many visitors we might be currently courting.  Each week I review a list of 72 individuals who currently visit or have visited over the last year.  Some are long-term, some are intermittent, and some are “one and done”.

A large challenge  faced by our Evangelism team (headed by Recee Murphy) is collecting contact information and a visual connection with these folks.  This is where we need your help.  If you encounter a guest, especially a first or second-timer, be sure to welcome them and help the staff by sharing with us their name or information so that we can continue to welcome them.  Encourage them to sign the friendship pad.  This way, the Evangelism team will have some data with which to work.  Hopefully through all of this, those guests feel that we are mutually interested in them and will go on another date with us!  Next article, I’ll tell you how to introduce them to your parents.

Gratefully, Bill